Greetings and welcome to Fetch.  While we may not currently be acquainted, we already connect on a special level: our shared fondness for our four legged friends.  With these furry friends, we, much like yourselves, challenge ourselves to exercise a tremendous level of attentiveness.

Residing in a bustling city like Atlanta and maintaining the hectic pace of life that accompanies it, at times pets may not always get to benefit from the constant adoration we know they more than deserve.  Enter Fetch, to help bridge the gap and assure you that your pets are being looked after.

Our mission to offer exemplary service can best be summed up by Care, Compassion and Connectedness that we hold close to heart.

The first of which being care.  Our commitment to providing top notch care to pets and creating an environment of trust.  A tall order to fill but we give our clients a number of assurances to ease their minds:

  • Hours of operation–8AM-10PM
  • User friendly app/website highlighting services
  • App functionality informing owners of duration of pup’s walks/visits
  • All walkers are charged with completing pet sitting/walking certification

Our next “C” is that of another major central sentiment of our brand: compassion.  We endeavor to embody this ideal by:

  • Offering various lengths of walks
    • Quick jaunt about neighborhood or few miles.
  • Scheduling feedings
  • Acquiring detailed specifications for pets(Diets,etc)
  • Accompanying pups to vet visits
  • Providing overnight options for visits

And lastly, an area that we revel in is that of connectedness.  Curious about what your pup was up to while you were away? We provide a number of outlets for keeping you in the know:

Social media shout outs: Via facebook, twitter, and instagram, we provide an immersive look into all things Fetch and highlight various pets

Bulletins and blogs: Similar to our social media, we expound upon Fetch news, as well discussion of local events of interest.

Detailed reports:  This is our way of again letting you know how your pup is doing.

Please give Fetch a chance and enjoy your complimentary items and keep us in mind when deciding a good fit for your pets.  We anticipate being in touch soon.  🙂



Team Member


Team Member

Zachary is a graduate of Clemson University and brings a wealth of experience to the Fetch Pets Walking and Services team. When he’s not walking dogs, you can find him mountain biking in the Georgian mountains and exploring all of our city’s coolest neighborhoods and eatery’s. As the proud co-parent Sasha and Maggie, Zachary looks forward to taking amazing care of your pup just as he does with our girls.


Team Member

Jenny moved home to Atlanta after graduating from University of Tennessee where she worked with the Knox County Animal Shelter. In recent years Jenny has held various positions non-profit development, but her passion for animals led her to join Fetch Pets in early 2017. She has 2 puppy’s at home, Rocky and Melo along with a Black Tuxedo Cat named Oscar, and she looks forward to taking great care of your pups and other fur baby’s.


Team Member

David is a Pet Lover in the truest sense of the term. He understands that family pet’s are an extension to the human family and display this in his daily attitude and care for our client’s and their fur baby’s! David graduated from University of Georgia and has a background in marketing. His active and entrepreneurial attitude along with his pet-loving lifestyle brought him to join the Fetch Pets team in 2016. When David isn’t loving on dogs, cats and many other cute creatures you can find him at the gym, piedmont park or socializing with friends.